Ever felt stuck in a job you despise? How do you deal with it? There is no best way but in this article I give you several options.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Try the 3-day technique

If you loathe your job, tomorrow will be worse and so will be the day after tomorrow. But the third day, things will be better. See if you can leverage this day to your full advantage doing things like being nicer to your colleagues and cleaning your workspace and finally attacking your frog of the day – settling down to your work project. Find out what parts of your work project are doable and trace from there to the harder parts. See if you can handle it and watch over the next two-three days how you do at the project. Chances are you will stick to your job and complete before the deadline. See if you can adapt to your work and work environment and things may start to fall together and you will probably retain in your job.

  1. Try looking for an alternate job

If the job you are in no way interests you, do some job hunting online and call influential people. Both combined you are likely to land on something you love. But do these tasks outside of your current work schedule so that you still do hold a good job reputation.

  1. See if you would like a career change

Sometimes the job you are in was never meant to be for you. Ask yourself what you would love to work on and where your interests basically lie. Search online various work niches of your interest that go with what you are educated in and chances are you will land on your dream career. Like before, remember to call influential people. Five phone calls should do the trick.

  1. How about working from home?

If you completely detest your current job, you can actually call it quits. There are many online money-making schemes and many online work tasks which you can execute from the comfort of your home. Self-improvement is a popular niche to work on. You can grow your email list by participating in self-help joint venture giveaway events by contributing a free gift in the form of audio, video, eBook, online course or membership script etc. Once you have grown your list to a level, you can grow it further by coming in touch with self-help experts and swap clicks of opt-in pages of your gifts. This way you can also earn commissions. Finally when your list is large enough, you can send in a digital product you built to sell to them and make huge profits. At other times, keep in touch with your email list by sending newsletters with affirmations, quotes, free gifts, blog posts and articles.

Summing up, these are some of the ways you can find life again doing the very work you love and you will never have to work another day again.