Tips for a Worthwhile Business Travel

When you are traveling for business, it is best to iron out the basics-such as packing, hotel reservations, car services, plane tickets and what not-so that it is not another task that you have to do on top of the business that you have to take care of. If business plans are important, then planning your trip merits planning as well.


If all these are mapped out smoothly, not only will you be able to have a worry free business trip, but it is also possible for you to have a fun time during your trip.

  1. Research about the place beforehand. Knowing more about the city you are visiting could help you manage your time or maximize the vacant time that you have while you are there. Let’s say you are going to a convention. Knowing about the other events that will take place will help you go to as much events or conferences as you can during your stay there.
  2. Packing light in a carry-on bag gives you one thing less to worry about. Not having to fret about your luggage check in does not just make your trip less worry-some, but it also saves you time both upon your arrival and departure. This gives you more time to prepare for your trip’s agenda, or some last-minute shopping before your departure.
  3. Be nice to the locals. This rule is not exclusive to business travels only, but it will do you a great favor if you are nice to everyone, especially the locals, or pretty much everyone else. If you exude camaraderie, people tend to become more helpful to you. The front desk staff will be more forgiving if you lose your hotel key, you’ll breeze through security easily, and you can event gets a few tips from the locus about the best places to visit for leisure if you are on a tight schedule.
  4. Meet with people you have connections with through social media. These days, meet ups, (or to use a term that is more localized on social media) are very common. This serves as a mini-convention for people who share the same interest of line of business. Sometimes, new business ideas come up during these meet ups. It helps you know more about the industry, widen your network, or simply make new friends.

If you are frequently our for business, whether it’s for a business plan, a convention, or a simple meet and greet with clients, make sure that you make it worthwhile, and you take home more than what the original agenda is.